Community Spotlight: LFX Hero level ups

Hello everyone,

Our community dedicated to growing open source is growing!

Over the past few weeks, we have had over 150 new sign ups in our community, and several members from our community level up from LFX Community ‘Participants’ to ‘Heroes:chart_with_upwards_trend:.

Your LFX Community Rank represents how active you are in contributing your insight and input to our community.

  • Participant
  • Hero
  • Rockstar
  • Legend

Join me in congratulating @Derek_Weeks , @John_Mertic , @Neal_Caidin , @emsearcy, and @NickVidal for being active advocates of creating a better open source in our community!

Here are a few great posts by our newest LFX Community Heroes:

From the LFX team thank you all for your continued advocacy to Open Source. :clap:


Thank you @Henry_Quaye ! Happy to help this group and improve the overall LFX platform.


Boom. Wow, I appreciate the recognition. It’s always best received when you aren’t looking for it or expecting it.