LFX Community Spotlight: LFX Hero level up for @sgupta!

Hello everyone,

The LFX community is a community centered on growing open source, and we’re trending up :chart_with_upwards_trend:.

@sgupta is a LFX dev, Insights product manager, and our newest member that has leveled up from a community ‘ Participant ’ → ‘ Hero:rotating_light: . Hero badge on LFX Community Forums

Your LFX Community Rank represents how active you are in contributing your insight and input to our community.

  • Participant
  • Hero
  • Rockstar
  • Legend

Learn, stay engaged, share… the more you contribute to the community the higher your rank!

Join me in congratulating @sgupta , for his contributions to our community. Thank you for being great :clap:!

Here are some highlights of @sgupta 's posts on contributor metrics:


Congrats, @sgupta - great work!

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