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Hello all! :wave:t2:

My name is Julia, and I am the FINOS Community Manager based in NY. I work alongside @James_McLeod who heads our great Fintech Open Source Community (and is based In London). I am so excited to meet you all in this great community (of communities)!

Just a bit about myself… I grew up/ was homeschooled in the Bahamas, been in Community Management / Building for 5+ years (but this is my first Fintech Open Source Community:grin:) and I have found my passion in building online communities and serving people within these communities.

So far on my LFX Journey, I am excited to leverage the entire LFX platform, but most excited to start with using and engaging with the LFX Organization Dashboard and the LFX Project Control Center (PCC) features enabling more efficiency to manage projects.

I am thrilled to be driving the impact of open source and LFX together, learning, and getting to know you. Please don’t hesitate to reach out with any questions/comments/funny memes!



Welcome, @Julia_Ritter!

Thanks for the great introduction. I look forward to working with you, the FinOS team, and the rest of the community to best leverage LFX to further the amazing impact of open source, and the individuals that build and support it.