Tagging Committee members with more details


Putting together my TAC committee in PCC, and one thing that would be helpful is to provide a bit more detail on their appointed role.

For example, TAC members usually are on the TAC because of either being an appointed member representative or appointed by a project to be their representative. It would be great to track which project they represent ( i.e. they are the TSC appointed rep from OpenEXR ). Could we add some sort of descriptor field for this?


We keep track of the same thing in LFN. elected vs. appointed representatives.
This functionality would be beneficial and would help us deprecate yet another spreadsheet.


Great suggestion @John_Mertic and @Kenny_Paul it may be beneficial to have an optional tagging field where project administrators can add their own additional field.

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Makes a ton of sense - good suggestion @Henry_Quaye

We might want to consider those tags to be tied into other automation pieces over time. For example, having just the project leads on their own mailing list for communication amongst them.


The trick is balancing must have data for all users versus nice to have data for some. When rolling out a new CRM or workflow management apps I’ve always run into the issue of every department wanting to add their own dedicated field for some purpose which is critically important to them. If there is sufficient commonality across teams then the field gets added. If not I’ve just made a general use “local attributes” field available to everyone that can be queried via the user interface or an API for folks to add their own tags for reporting and/or automation purposes. It doesn’t matter if multiple departments are making use of the field as long as their tags don’t step on each other. A simple convention like project_name-attribute_name would probably be sufficient for our needs.

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Kenny - we have some things coming that you will like. Sit tight. :slight_smile:

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I don’t understand this. What is their role on the committee? I thought we already supported this construct. @Shubhra

Hey Jim!

If you are referring to the ‘Appointed By’ field - it more showcases categories than a specific role. For example, the OpenColorIO representative on the ASWF TAC I mark as appointed by ‘Vote of TSC Committee’ but have no way to indicate they are representative of OpenColorIO itself.

Hopefully that helps if that’s the question you have :slight_smile:

@Jim_Zemlin LFN’s scenario mirrors @John_Mertic’s example. Representatives on the TAC from the various Projects are listed as being a TAC committee member through “a vote of the TSC”, but there is nothing that provides a handy mapping of that individual to which LFN Project they actually represent.

Knowing that tidbit of information is probably more meaningful/beneficial in the community management context than anything, but could also have some Org Dashboard relevance as well.

Ok - this sounds like a nice to have feature in the future. Just trying to understand how critical it is. We may have another way to solve this.