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Hi folks,

At the Enarx project (part of the Confidential Computing Consortium), we are starting to use LFX Tools to analyze some important metrics around our community. Here’s the first article providing an overview of LFX Insights:

We’ll be sharing this with the other projects that are part of the Confidential Computing Consortium, and our hope is that we’ll be able to grow not only Enarx but the whole Confidential Computing ecosystem as well.



Hi @NickVidal, great article!

Insights is a great way to view the health of your contributing community.

Taking a look at your trends it looks like you all at the Enrax project had a great year increasing your amount of contributors by 44% this year!

Bravo! From the data we can see that you all saw the most growth in Q4 of the year, are there any metrics in Insights you guys are focusing on to continue increased contributor growth into the new year?

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The number of contributors indeed is one of our key metrics. Our community is very new, and not many people know about Confidential Computing. We are working with several initiatives to welcome newcomers, including Outreachy, Google Summer of Code, and LFX Mentorship.

As part of our Confidential Computing Fellowship, besides mentees, we also welcome mentors who would be interested in sharing knowledge about adjacent technologies - open source development, cybersecurity, cloud native, etc - while having the opportunity to learn more about Confidential Computing.

Always happy to share tips on how to grow communities, and I’m happy to see that LFX started yet another initiative like this to promote this type of collaboration!


Sounds great @NickVidal, love it! Looking forward to seeing your project continue to grow over the next year!

One thing that I’ve found to be helpful when creating mentorship programs is using LFX Crowdfunding to help raise stipend funds for your program as well.

Definitely let me know if you have any questions about getting your mentorship program up and running!

Another topic as a growing new project you may be interested in is this discussion on running virtual events in 2022:

Glad to see your metrics going in the right direction! :wink: