Community Spotlight: LFX Community Level-up

Hello everyone,

The LFX community is a community centered on growing open source.

Ever since we started, you have all come in and recognized the value your input provides to our community, and we greatly appreciate your questions, suggestions, insight, and conversation.

@Kenny_Paul is our first member that has leveled up from a community ‘Participant’ → ‘Hero:rocket: . Hero badge on LFX Community Forums

Your LFX Community Rank represents how active you are in contributing your insight and input to our community.

  • Participant
  • Hero
  • Rockstar
  • Legend

The more you contribute to the community the higher your rank!

Join me in congratulating one of our early supporters, @Kenny_Paul, for his continuous contributions. Thank you for being awesome :clap:!

Here are some highlights of @Kenny_Paul 's posts:

Again thank you all for your questions, insight, and feedback, and please join me in saying a special thank you to @Kenny_Paul for all his awesome contributions to our community!


Eww! Him? I don’t trust that guy. I think that he has shifty eyes. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Thanks for the promotion @Henry_Quaye


@Kenny_Paul - Thank you for being such a big part of our community!


Well played lol


Congrats, @Kenny_Paul - you have been doing great work here, thanks!

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@Kenny_Paul Nice job! To use an appropriate metaphor, let’s get more people to hop on the Kenny Paul train.