The New Release of LFX is Live!

Hello Project Leaders and the LFX Community: :wave::

This version of Insights has an entirely new user interface packed with new dashboards and analytics that make it easier to navigate and find the information that matters most. The new UI also includes Observations for each trend and chart, with the ability to share, download, and select specific date ranges.

The Global dashboards provide information about Project Trends, Event and Webinar Analytics, Training and Certification Analytics and Membership Analytics. The project section allows you to view and search for projects.

Key Highlights

The new Organization Contribution Index is a public dashboard that aggregates data across all projects currently onboarded in Insights. By viewing the contributions of the leaders at the organization level, you can understand how other organizations are engaging in open source.

Project Trends have 13+ new dashboards that provide valuable information on Member growth, event attendance, contributor strength, growth and retention, active and drifting away contributors, contributor impact and more. Allowing users to understand over all open source project engagement at the Linux Foundation.

The Event Attendee analytics actively monitor whether in-person event attendance is increasing or decreasing and can be used to gauge an organization’s own activity level.

Training and Certification Analytics

The Training and Certification dashboards let you keep track of the most popular courses, number of enrollment and certifications and the organizations with the greatest participation.

Users can leverage this information to gauge whether they are getting the most of their LF benefits, and add new skill sets to their toolkit and contribute to an existing or new project.

Enrollments vs Certificates Issued

Certification by Enrollments

Membership Analytics displays the number of organizations actively supporting projects, new members, a breakdown of organizations by industry sector and most popular projects. In addition you can now view membership by project to see which organizations they are members of.


Projects that have been waiting to onboard onto Insights are now able to do so with this new version through Project Control Center.

In the next few posts we will take a deeper look at all the new features of Insights and key use cases to help you get acquainted with this exceptional new version of Insights.

As you explore and come across information that you find valuable and interesting we encourage you to share with a colleague or Hit ‘REPLY’ and let us know!