Recognize the Organizations that Contribute to LF Projects

This post walks through the information that Projects, Governing Boards, and Member organizations use to evaluate how organizations are contributing to open source projects.

In the first of 3 posts, we will review Global trends- they are a valuable way to view the health and growth of all LF open source projects.

We define project health across the following categories:

  • Organizational Contribution Index
  • Project Trends
  • Event Analytics
  • Webinar Analytics
  • Training & Certification
  • Membership Analytics

Understanding how other leading organizations allocate resources towards top projects can help us better plan and give resources for our organization’s needs.

The Organization Contribution Index is a dashboard showcasing how organizations contribute to all Linux Foundation projects. You can view:

  • The open source leaders and a snapshot of their contributions
  • How are they allocating technical resources to our open source projects
  • How my company compares

Let’s begin!!

Step 1: Access the new release of Insights

Head over to the new version of Insights.

Note: For the next several weeks, you can still view your project in the former version of Insights and toggle between versions as you get your project teams engaged in the new version.


Let’s start with the Organization Contribution Index. This new dashboard showcases the top organizations contributing to all Linux Foundation projects. You can view:

  • Open source leaderboards to view their technical contributions
  • View how resources are being allocated across technical contributions
  • Search by organization and industry

Step 2: Head over to the Organization Contribution Index

In the left-hand navigation click on the ‘Organization Contribution Index’ category.

The global Organization Contribution Index shows us a Leaderboard, where we can understand which Organizations have the most commits or contributors affiliated with Linux Foundation projects. This provides a quick view of the leading technical contributing organizations over time.

Note: You can filter the top Organizations by:

  • Search and view contributions by one of more organizations
  • Time
  • Industry
  • And order by contribution type, or contributors

Step 3: Select your industry and benchmark

By selecting a specific industry, we can:

  • Understand whom the top Organizations participating in Linux Foundation open source projects are
  • Understand how they are allocating their technical resources
  • And benchmark our organization’s technical contributions against our industry leaders in open source.

In this example, we’ll select the ‘Diversified Financial Services’ Industry, as shown below.

We can now understand the Linux Foundation’s industry leaders in the Diversified Financial Services Industry.

Now we can understand:

  • The number of projects they’re contributing to
  • Their total Commits, PRs, and Issues over time and how they’ve trended
  • The number of technical contributors that have contributed over time

With our new Leaderboard, you can benchmark your Organization’s technical participation across all Linux Foundation projects. As a governing board member for a new project, you can understand how organizations in different industries are contributing to open source projects for scoping the direction of your project.

Note: Another new important addition to Insights is Membership Analytics. Monitor the number of hosted projects and Member organizations who have joined projects and filter by date, industry segment, and membership by project. You can point potential new members to view this information while also looking at a project’s health.

Let us know: How are you using our new Organization Contributor Index Leaderboard?