Secret power of LFX Insights for Organizations: Project Performance

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LFX Insights’ secret power is that it delivers extensive performance metrics beyond code contributions for a holistic view of a project’s ecosystem by aggregating data from multiple data sources to create comprehensive dashboards that monitor the health of LF projects.

For Organizations, Insights provides visibility into project performance, employee impact, and understanding your organization’s leadership and subject matter expertise. You can also leverage Insights to identify new projects and technologies to engage with.

How can your organization capture the complete picture of your team’s impact?

Below are some common outcome-driven KPIs that most organizations use to evaluate the health of their open-source projects.

How are your projects performing?

Trends dashboards help you understand how well a project is performing across the entire ecosystem. The dashboards include source-related metrics such as how many contributors are actively contributing to the project, the number of commits, code backlogs, issues, and many more for a project.

Project Trends dashboards, as an example, allow you to view specific project performance data over time and include metrics like the number of contributors contributing to the project, contributor growth and retention, commits by new contributors, and many others.

How do your organization’s projects compare with other similar projects?

Compare Project Health

Insights enables you to view the health of one or more projects and measure how well your projects are performing. Project timelines range from one to five years, and dashboards include relevant visualizations that display vital metrics and essential data points.

Does your organization’s contribution equate to the influence you are seeking?

Top Contributing Companies

Which organizations are top contributors to your project? Utilizing Insights dashboards allows organizations to monitor the ranking of companies that contribute most to the project. By the aggregate number of additions and by percentage. You can find the Top Ten Organizations contributions in the Technical Metrics project dashboard. Try selecting a specific date range or viewing all organizations’ commits by selecting the View All button.

As an Organization have you leveraged LFX Insights?

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If yes, what use case do you find yourself leveraging Insights for most?

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LFX Insights is a core tool utilized extensively by the ONAP community. Personally I’m in Insights several times a day. It may be to do something a simple as looking up contributions to a repo or as complex as using the leaderboard determining community members qualified to vote in an election based upon a combination of different types of contribution over a specific period of time. We were early adopters and have watched the platform mature and grow over time. I can’t imagine trying to manage any community with out it.


Thanks for sharing @Kenny_Paul! Insights is a very powerful tool for anyone involved in Open Source, I constantly find myself using it to grasp how the diversity of company contributions are trending within a project.

I use the commits and lines of code changed by organization pie charts in Technical Metrics and compare the 3-year chart against our 1-year chart.

3-year chart:

1-year chart:

Just to understand the diversity of impact within a project. We can see that within 3 years Cisco and Pantech have improved their impact within the project.

@Kenny_Paul - Do you know if ONAPs marketing group is actively using the Social Media Metrics and Earned Media to gain additional share of voice with project members? I’d be interested ot hear more.

@Jen_Shelby no we aren’t doing that within LFN at this time.