Using LFX Insights for Top Contributions from individuals and Ambassadors

I was hoping to use insights to award top contributors for RISC-V and to see what all the Ambassadors have been working on but it seems like its built more for companies… just a suggestion in how projects could use it to award top contributors!

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Hi @Megan_Lehn !

This is a great idea! Insights is designed to gather data for all contributors and you can follow this recipe here on how to find the most active contributors for a project using insights:

Something to note here is Insights affiliates contribution data from users’ affiliations on their LFX Individual Dashboard account.

Were you able to find top contributors from the time period you were searching for?

Hi @Megan_Lehn,

We want Insights to be more community focussed so any suggestions that could help us make it better will be greatly appreciated. Can you provide us with some more information around how do you identify ‘Ambassadors’ for your project?

For Contributors we do have a separate Community Leaderboard, for example, Insights that might have the data that you are looking for. The default time period is Last 3 Months, however you can select different time ranges as required. This dashboard currently only focusses on code related metrics however we are expanding the experience to capture data across other data sources like chat, emails, social etc.

Hope this helps.


So I found very few but I’m wondering if that is because everyones account is toggled to private to start? For us we only showed a few people with high contributions and it was mostly staff… so sounds like youre on the right path but maybe we need to reach out to our members and tell them how to update their profile to ensure they are counted and show up on the leaderboard!

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Hi Sachin,

Similar to what I just replied to Henry, could it be that unless a person toggles their profile as public they wont show up? For Ambassadors we look for people who do more things outside of code on the platform like how many talks they gave or if they responded in LinkedIn, blog posts, promotions and supporting the community, so a bit different then direct contributions so maybe harder to track.

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For the Community Leaderboard, we look at all the contributors who are contributing code on the configured data source, for example github. So even if there are a few people who are not yet associated with any organization (or company) will still show up on the leaderboard.

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I found a new spot today and not sure how it was different from yesterday but I see our top 10 and beyond! Thanks for this!

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That’s great to hear @Megan_Lehn!

Could you share where you went to find the contribution data you were looking for?