Organization Dashboard Checklist

Organization Dashboard is your hub for measuring and managing your organization’s activities across all LF hosted open source projects, including contributions, training and event attendance, memberships and benefits and team management.

Access will be available to you and all of your employees who have a valid LFID and have properly affiliated themselves with your organization in Individual Dashboard. Administrative access will be granted to the primary/voting membership contacts for the Linux Foundation and any hosted projects. You can access the tool at

Please keep in mind that it is real-world data. Any changes that you make through the platform (e.g. removing an employee from a committee) will be reflected in our system.

Tasks that we would like you to complete…

  1. Verify that all of your memberships are accurate.

  1. Review all of your membership contacts (e.g. primary, billing, etc.) and confirm that the names and contact information is accurate.

‘Membership Details’>‘Active Memberships’

or ‘Manage Teams’> ‘Teams’> ‘Project Teams’

  1. Review committee participation for your employees (e.g. governing board) and confirm that the individuals in those roles are correct.

  1. Review project contributions by your employees across all projects. Contributions will only be attributed if your employees have affiliated themselves with your organization in their Individual Dashboard.

‘Dashboard’> ‘Project Contributions’

  1. Confirm that your corporate logo, description, website, and employee count are all correct.

‘Organization Profile’

  1. Verify that your billing address(es) are correct and remove any that are no longer valid.

‘Organization Profile’> ‘Address Management’

Documentation is available online.

Explore Organization Dashboard

Check out the following Organization Dashboard Guides for additional guidance:

Be sure to let us know if you have any questions, feedback, or suggestions!

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