Benchmarking your organization’s contributions alongside other leading organizations to determine your impact within a project

Hi Member Companies wave,

As we turn the page on 2021, it is a good time to evaluate your open source projects and plan for the new year. Did you know you can benchmark your organization’s contribution activity against other leading organizations for a project? Benchmarking is a great way to assess your company’s impact and influence within a given project.

LFX Organization Dashboard allows you to quickly view your organization’s impact within a project and benchmark contribution data alongside other leading organizations.

Let’s walk through it!..

Step 1: Access Organization Dashashboard

To access Organization Dashboard you need to have a Linux Foundation Community Profile (LFX Individual Dashboard) account. If you do not have one, you can create one here, on the LFX Homepage:

Once you have logged in to your Community Profile you can access Organization Dashboard using the following link

Step 2: Locate your Organization

In the main view of Organization Dashboard, find the ‘Search Organizations’ field in the left-hand navigation and search for your organization(s).

Step 3: Select a project

In this example, you’ll select a top project we’re contributing to, to understand your impact benchmarking our contributions against other organizations contributing to the project.

In the main view of the ‘Dashboard’ scroll down to find your ‘Projects My Organization Contributes Code To’ view and select your top project to benchmark by clicking ’View’.

You can also find any LF-hosted project by utilizing the search bar under ‘Projects’ in the left-hand navigation.

Step 4: Select other organizations to benchmark against

We are now on the ‘Project Contributions’ page for your selected project, where you can view a visual diagram of the top organizations contributing to the project.

You can customize the ‘Top 10 Organizations By Commits’ diagram by clicking on an organization to exclude or include an organization from the data diagram.

Under ’Top 10 Organizations By Commits’ you will find your organization along with several ’Add Organization’ buttons.

Click ’Add Organization’ to select an organization to benchmark against.

We’ll be benchmarking against Mellanox Technologies and Huawei Technologies, other top organizations by commits for this project.

Once we add other organizations we will be able to benchmark against:

  • Total Project Contributions
  • Lines of Code Changed
  • Number of Projects Actively Contributing to
  • Total Active Employees

Step 5: Understand and implement

By benchmarking our contributions against other organizations contributing to the project we understand how much technical impact we have over the direction of the project.

This is great but how can we use these benchmarks?

Here are a few ideas:

  • Understand where your organization ranks compared to other top contributing organizations.
  • Motivate your employees by sharing yearly benchmarks highlighting the great work from your team.
  • Set goals for the new year to stay current and drive more impact in other projects of business interest.

Now that we can view our benchmarks, what are some methods you use to keep your contributors motivated to continue contributing? Hit REPLY and let’s all get better! :slight_smile: