Create Your LFX Profile

LFX Profile Quick Start Guide

As developers working in open source, keeping track of your participation and roles across projects can be challenging. To simplify that experience at The Linux Foundation, your LFX profile is the starting point for managing your participation across our LFX collaboration portal.

Follow this guide to kickstart your profile by claiming and affiliating your contributions.

Before getting into the guide you’ll need to be logged into your LF account also known as your LFID. Sign in or sign up and create your account here.

Claim and verify your Contributions

Start by connecting your GitHub account.

At the top of the left-hand navigation, you should see your ‘Profile Progress click ‘Claim Code Contributions’ to start.

Once here click Link GitHub Account and sign in to your GitHub account.

Authorizing your GitHub account will allow LFX to verify your contributor or maintainer status for project recognition badges and properly showcase your contributions across our LFX toolkit.

Note: A user can use any email alias, personal or company, for their Github account. Note that if users are not using their company email on GitHub, then their organization will not be able to view their contributions in the Organization dashboard. Still, everyone’s contributions will be tracked in Insights.

Click ‘Authorize linuxfoundation’.

Add your work history for data affiliation

Now let’s add your work history; this affiliates your contributions and open source activities with your organization for your open source journey and Insights by connecting your LinkedIn account.

Click ‘Connect Linkedin’, and sign into your account.

Once logged in we can affiliate our code contributions with our matching organizations. By confirming the date and time on your work history LFX will automatically affiliate your organization with your corresponding contributions for that time period. You can make manual edits on the next screen or on your profile anytime.

Add other email addresses

Through our open source journey we may move from company to company. Although we may change companies, let’s keep our open source profile and be sure to add a personal email address to our LF account.

Congratulations! your LFX profile is set up!

Check out our Insights metrics for your favorite project, or increase your impact by participating in our Mentorship program, by accessing our other LFX tools in the top right navigation here.