LFX Meeting Management Getting Started Guide

Hello everyone,

Leveraging LFX Meetings is a great way to stay on top of all of your open source project initiatives, and have

As a project administrator you can set up LFX Meetings for your projects simply on PCC, here’s how:

Step 1: Access Project Control Center

To access Project Control Center you need to have a Linux Foundation Community Profile If you do not have one, you can create one here, on the LFX Homepage, or find out more here: LFX Profile Quick Start Guide

Once you have logged in to your Community Profile you can access PCC using the following here at https://projectadmin.lfx.linuxfoundation.org/

Note: You will get the access_denied message if you are accessing the link for the first time.

  • Click the Request Access link to provide your contact details to the support team.

  • The support team will verify the account and will authorize the associated SSO account.

  • This is necessary to manage the limited beta and ensure only authorized project administrators can edit project configurations

Step 2: Select your project

On the default Projects page of PCC, you should see a list of all projects. You will not be able to administrate and edit any data on a project your LFID (Community Profile) is not affiliated with.

Click on My Projects in the main view and select your project, or use the search box on the left-hand navigation to locate your project:

Now select your project.

Step 3: Navigate to your Project’s Meetings Dashboard

Under Collaboration select Meetings

You should now be at your meetings dashboard where you can view your scheduled meetings from a calendar or list view, with your meeting stats shown up top.

You should now see your Meetings Dashboard. Here, you can easily access all your scheduled meetings from a calendar or list view. To help you stay on top of your project, you’ll also find your meeting attendance stats displayed at the top of the page.
You can click on a day in the calendar to see meetings scheduled on that day. For past meetings you will see the camera and document icons for meeting recordings and transcripts.
You can manage a meeting by clicking on the three dots in the manage column of the table and clicking on
manage meeting, share meeting, clone meeting or delete meeting. Here you also have the options

Step 4: Schedule a new Meeting

Click on the ’+Schedule Meeting’ button on the Meetings Dashboard.

You should have been successfully directed to the Schedule Meeting page, where you can perform the following actions:

  • Fill in meeting details
  • Select a committee that should be associated with the meeting
  • Add member participants
  • And configure meeting settings

Step 5: Fill out meeting details

Here you’ll want to add a meeting name, set the meeting time, add a description, and configure your meeting settings.

You can learn more about the various meeting settings using our FAQ here:

Step 5: Invite members & schedule meeting

You can invite members by

  • selecting a committee to include all committee members to the meeting invite
  • through searching for LFID accounts using name or email
  • by manually adding user information

Once your members are invited, finish by clicking ‘Schedule Meeting’

After you create a meeting, if the meeting is public you can grab the share link here:

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