How your LFX Individual Dashboard (Community Profile) benefits you

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In several LFX recipes, we have highlighted to gain access to certain LFX Tools you must create a Community Profile. For clarification, LFX Individual Dashboard is your Community Profile. For the rest of this post, I will refer to your Community Profile as Individual Dashboard.

This post will the importance of Individual Dashboard, and why you should start here.

Key reasons to set up your Individual Dashboard:

  • Access to LFX Tools such as Project Control Center & Organization Dashboard.
  • Proper data affiliation shared across LFX Tools such as Insights, and Organization Dashboard.
  • Central location to keep track, share, and highlight your open source badges, accomplishments, events, and contributions as an affiliate or individual contributor.
  • Enjoy a seamless login experience across all major Linux Foundation resources.

How does Individual Dashboard benefit you?


  • Easily identify key contributors and influencers to your project based on their code contribution and community activity.


  • Centralize your login experience with a single set of credentials across all events, training, products, and projects hosted by the Linux Foundation.
  • Keep your open source resume up-to-date by highlighting your project contributions and affiliations.
  • Highlight your community impact across the projects you’re contributing to and those you want to get involved in.


  • Increase reporting accuracy by ensuring your employees’ code contributions are properly affiliated with your organization.
  • Recognize employee performance through contribution [leaderboards] and participation in the open source community.
  • Leverage single-sign-on (SSO) for easier IT management of employee login credentials across all events, training, products, and projects hosted by the Linux Foundation.

Begin using Individual Dashboard by creating your account here, on the LFX Homepage:

We’ll love to know how are you leveraging individual contribution metrics? HIT REPLY AND LET US KNOW :slight_smile:

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