Create your LFID for Life

Hi everyone :wave:,

Your LFID is an essential part of the LFX platform built to add value to every aspect of open source. You want to create 1 LFID to use for a lifetime of open source resources from LF including the LFX platform.

Be sure to use or also include your personal email address to your LFID, to carry your LFID from company to company

Your LFID is a SSO login you will use to access LFX tools and other LF resources, like Events and Training & Certification, along your open source journey.

Benefits of creating an LFID:

  • Join and participate in LF Project meetings
  • Update your LFX Individual Dashboard to showcase your open source accomplishments
  • Access Linux Foundation Training & Certification

In this recipe we will go over how and where you can create your LFID, to gain access to the various resources provided by the Linux Foundation.

Step 1: Navigate to our website

Navigate to the LFX Platform or

Step 2: Create your LFID

Click ‘Create Community Profile’ on the top right corner of the page.


By clicking ‘Sign In’ you can also sign in and create a username using other social sites such as Google, Facebook, GitHub, or LinkedIn.

Step 3: Verify your email address

Once you click ‘Create Account’ you will be navigated to the verification page.

Navigate to your email to find an email from The Linux Foundation Team,, and click ‘Verify Email’.

Step 4: Enjoy the resources LF has to offer

You will now be navigated back to the LFX Landing page,, where you can now sign in with your account.

Once signed in we recommend doing the following 3 things on your Individual Dashboard to ensure a smooth LFX experience:

  • Connect your LinkedIn to properly affiliate your contributions throughout LFX
  • Connect to your source controls
  • Ensure to connect your personal email address to your account


To access your Individual Dashboard select ‘Manage Profile’ on the top right

Your Community Profile/Individual Dashboard is also where you can access our LFX Toolkit:


Find more documentation on your Individual Dashboard here: Individual Dashboard (MyProfile) - Linux Foundation Documentation

How are you using your LFID?

Are you taking advantage of our Training & Certification courses, registering for events, or have you populated your Individual Dashboard to showcase your open source activity?

Hit ‘REPLY’ and let us know!