Who said what? LFX Insights will tell me!

Being part of the Open Source community has many advantages. One of the main benefits is to get people’s interest in participating in your project and get them interested in contributing, collaborating, or donating to your cause.

Thanks to social media, projects can get the word out and talk about what they are working on and even promote social events and training opportunities to encourage people’s participation. For communities that engage in more than one social media tool, LFX Insights offers an excellent tool to track your project’s Social Media and Earned Media all in one place.

To understand how LFX Insights can help your project, I recommend looking into Henry’s post on the secret.

Currently, LFX Insights provides excellent graph and data analytics from your project’s Twitter account, but soon we will be adding support for other social media sites like LinkedIn and Facebook! Stay tuned for updates on this!

With LF’s Open Source summit approaching, I was curious to notice that our communities are using their Social Media to promote participation. Here is how it looks from the perspective of the LF Edge community:

In LFX Insights, look for:
Social Media Metrics → Twitter → Tweets

You will notice that you can use the time filters depending on the topic you want to look for. In my case, I wanted to see how many comments regarding Open Source Summit have been created in the last three months.

After using the search feature, you can see the actual tweets on the topic and the overall participation, which can give projects insight into whether or not their tweet is making an impact and the potential that a specific comment will have with the participants talking about it.

Accurate participation and reaching your audiences translate into more contribution and future collaboration towards the benefit of your Open Source project. In my example, knowing that the LF Edge community and other communities are part of the Open Source Summit comments on social media makes me excited to look for what they have to present and even visit their booth!

Examples like this can help your Open Source communities reach more people, and LFX Insights is an excellent tool to guide you to achieve your influence goals!

  • Which Socials does your community use?
  • Twitter
  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • YouTube
  • TikTok
  • LinkedIn

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Love this @Jessica_Wagantall ! LFX Insights is a great way to measure how key events or topics for a project are being promoted. Hope you have a great time at Open Source Summit, let us know how it goes! :partying_face:

Here’s the post on how to leverage LFX Insights to understand your media metrics: Secret power of LFX Insights for Organizations: Media Metrics - Get LFX Tool Help / Member Organization Program - LFX Community Forums

If you have any questions on how to leverage our media metrics don’t hesitate to ask :slight_smile: .

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