My experience with LFX Insights as a Release Engineer

Being part of the LF Release Engineering team, I have the privilege of working with great Open Source communities that strive to grow as a team and be better at what they do every day. One of these communities is the ONAP community.

ONAP is part of our LF Networking umbrella and consists of 30+ components working together towards the same goal since 2017. Since then, we have faced situations where we have to evaluate if the components are getting enough support during release schedules and if we are identifying our key contributors to the project.

In this time, we have learned a lot as we grow, and we have had the chance to have tools and resources that we can rely on every step of the way. One of these tools is LFX Insights.

We rely on LFX Insights tools to guide the internal decisions and keep the project growing and the contributions flowing.

LFX Insights has become a potent tool that gives us an overview of the project as well as statistics of where our project stands and the changes that we have encountered when we evaluate release content and contribution trends.

In this post I’ll share some examples on how I use LFX Insights:

  • Tool Maintenance - As a Release Engineer/ DevOps engineer, I have to plan for maintenance and upgrades of our tools. Rather than going back and forth via email looking for an appropriate time to schedule a downtime of services, I use LFX Insights to help me visualize the time where contributions are slow and less developers are busy.

  • Contributor Engagement - We want to keep participants engaged and focused, Insights provides a great visibility of the organization’s contributions to the code.

  • Project History - Releases change, and sometimes components get deprecated. It is easy to visualize the activity of a particular repository using LFX Insights and provide visual demonstration to the teams to back up decisions to deprecate them.

  • CI/CD - As Release Engineers, we like to watch ourCI/CD processes and make sure the teams are not blocked on their contributions.

  • Tracking Project Progress - As a community, we like to show the progress of Issues we work on and present it to the team to share the achievements and set new goals for upcoming releases.

  • Top Contributors - When it is time to celebrate our top contributors, the Community Contributor Board offers a detailed view of who were our key performers and details on their contributions over a specific period of time.

  • Lastly, one of my personal favorites, the Compare Project feature. This is a great tool when it comes to comparing the progress of our project among similar projects from the same umbrella over a specific period of time. This feature allows you to compare up to 10 projects side by side as long as the tools like Source Control and Issue management are the same. The tool shows very detailed and graphic information side by side which can be used to plan our next steps and learn from other communities on how we can do better.

I recommend you to try these LFX Insights trends for yourself in your project and use this information to help your community grow and take action wherever needed. As we get familiar with these trends, we can help keep an eye on future challenges and act quickly and in the right direction. I hope you find this as helpful as I do! :grin:

Have you used LFX Insights before?

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Welcome to our community @Jessica_Wagantall! Great to hear how you are leveraging LFX Insights to, in your wise words, “keep the project growing and contributions flowing”! Haha I love it, glad to hear how Insights is aiding ONAP’s community!

I have heard from a few other developers and project maintainers that they love the ‘Commits by Time Zone’ charts. I can definitely see the use case for DevOps engineers.

Looks like you all at ONAP are having a great year with 100% new contributor growth on the year, with a 300% increase in the past 3 months!.. it must be the smooth release content :partying_face:

You all are doing something right :wink: , thank you for sharing with our community, and keep up the great work!

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