Feature idea - Github Team management and Committees

As I’m working to transition some of the subprojects to using PCC, one hurdle that keeps coming up is that the subproject is maintaining committer/maintainer permissions in both GitHub ( using the Teams feature ) as well as now in PCC. Would there be a way to have all the management out of PCC for GitHub Teams ( i.e. people can be removed/added to the team based on being on the committee or not )?


I can definitely state that LFRE would like to see committer management eventually move into PCC as well, along with the quorum voting of current committers on the changes that we do with Gerrit based committer management.


Great suggestion @John_Mertic I think this would have to be separate from committees and maybe PCC should have permission groups that link to users.

@John_Mertic and @tykeal Do you think this would need to be a committee?

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@Henry_Quaye committer management isn’t a committee (per se) there’s basically only two roles for committers Project Technical Lead (PTL) and standard committer.

There primary difference between PTL and other committers is that, at least with our Gerrit based committer management, the PTL has the right to eject named committers that haven’t done any work in some set amount of time (usually 6+ months). Mostly for the sake of quorum on adding new committers.

LFRE still requires a quorum of current committers (and in some cases a quorum of TSC) to elevate someone to committer rights.

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@tykeal Got it! Yea I think it would be best if there were role-based access groups separate from committees in LFX Project Control Center to reflect this.

I know the LFX Project Control Center team will be focused on a few stabilization updates soon, but I think this is a good roadmap item for the future.

@emsearcy tagging you here for visibility, any thoughts on this?

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Hi! I think the concept of committees that are non-voting probably hit the use case - we also will have the case on smaller projects where the TSC might be the entire set of committers. Re-using the committees concept would likely make sense here.

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Got it @John_Mertic, I can see how this can make it easier to provide permissions. Maybe we could give special permissions to committees in the future.

I’ll be adding this post to our suggestions category.

As mentioned in another post I’ll communicate this with our dev team, and as we finalize our 30-60-90 day sprint goals, I’ll keep you posted. :slight_smile:

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FWIW, GitHub Team Mgmt including Committee Sync has actually been on our feature-request list since at least January. It’s not on the prioritized roadmap (yet) though.

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