Adding description to one's 'Appointed By' in a committee


Most of our TAC/TOC groups are a combination of member appointees and representatives from each project. It’s fairly trivial to notate member appointees, but for project representatives we can tag them ‘Vote of TSC Committee’ but we don’t have a way to say which project they are representing. Could we add a description field perhaps?

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Hi John,

Quick question here, do the TAC or TOC group members that were voted upon by the TSC Committee have a different engagement level when it comes to meetings or mailing lists?

Hey Henry - yes and no :slight_smile:

Often the ability for a TSC chair to have a voting seat on the TACs of the projects I work with requires the project to be at a certain maturity stage; the rationale is when a project is less mature requiring them to be in a voting role in the TAC can be overwhelming or in some cases a distraction. That said, those projects to want to promote the linkage between the TAC and the hosted projects, so often there will be a designated representative to ensure they partipate in the meetings and that person would be noted as an ‘Observer’ vs ‘Voting Rep’.

Let me know if this helps answer your question…

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