PCC Committee Members Job Title Static

Hi, are job titles for committee members auto updated or linked to the committee member’s individual profile or Salesforce data in some way? By looking at my own job title as an LF staff observer on the committees it seems to me that the job title data is static. It doesn’t match with my profile. I haven’t looked but I assume that’s the case for other members on the committee? And there is nowhere I can edit that information directly in committees. Is the only solution to delete the committee member and re-enter all the information manually? That doesn’t seem like a scalable approach. Can you advise?


Hey @Min_Yu - I’m wondering for the case of your profile, there is a duplicate contact record in there and that’s being pulled vs what is in the Individual Dashboard. @Mindy_White might be able to dig into that.

I know a quirk of adding committee members is the entry form tries to be smart on saving to pull data from an LF SSO profile if one exists; otherwise, it makes a new one. I agree not being able to edit that after the fact can be problematic. I have some screenshots of this happening with a contact of mine ( in this case, I put in the name and title and the ones getting pulled from what matches a record that has some placeholder data for the name. Want to be conscious of sharing that in a public forum; @Henry_Quaye @Jen_Shelby let me know where would be appropriate to share.


@John_Mertic are you saying there is a duplicate contact of me in Saleforce? The contact record of me is up to date in Salesforce but there is also a user profile of me which has the outdated job title. I noticed that the job titles for Daniela Barbosa and Brian Behlendorf in Committees are also obsolete. Are they caused by the same issue? @Mindy_White Can you clarify?

It seems from the UI that a committee member’s job title, company and email are not editable. I understand that company and email are likely stable over a long period of time but job title is often not the case. What’s the best way to keep the info up-to-date?


Hello @Min_Yu currently our product team is working on an update to allow us to edit the job title of committee members.

@John_Mertic from what I know you are right. I believe your committee job title information is synced to your job title information on your Individual Dashboard upon the initial committee entry. I do not know if there is a recurring sync to pull information from Individual Dashboard when updated.

@emsearcy can you clarify how job title is grabbed for committee members here, and if there is any workaround to edit a users committee job title for right now?

@John_Mertic from what I can tell it seems you are right here. I believe there’s another contact profile created or maybe there may be @emsearcy can you clarify if there’s anyway to work around updating job titles for committee members in Project Control Center?


It would be nice if we could lookup existing profiles to add to the committee and enter in committee member data only if they’re not already in the system.

@John_Mertic - we have a discussion area for PM’s here- https://community.lfx.dev/c/project-administration-discussion/74

@Henry_Quaye - has this update been made, to be able to change the job title of a member? If not, do we put in a Salesforce ticket to get the change made?

Hi @Erin_Thacker ,welcome to our community! Currently we are still working on this update, this update will more than likely be implemented as we complete restructuring our data lake.

Currently job title’s for committees are linked to the job title in users LFX Individual Dashboard profile. Meaning that the job title that appears in PCC is the LFID users title set in Indivudal Dashboard.

I would suggest that you advise your committee members to keep their LFX Individual Dashboard profiles up to date.

You can refer to our Individual Dashboard Checklist here: Checklist for Individual Dashboard - Member Organization Beta Program - LFX Community Forums

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