Naming conventions for committees

In the past when working with a shared instance, we often were quite descriptive of the naming convention used as we would need to differentiate lists. An example here: for the OpenEXR project, we would name the list ‘OpenEXR discussion’ and ‘OpenEXR TSC’.

It appears that within PCC, a committee is always shown within context of the project it is in, so that probably feels redundant. Would it then make more sense in the OpenEXR case to not name the committee ‘OpenEXR TSC’ and just ‘TSC’ or ‘Technical Steering Committee (TSC)’ instead? Looking for opinions on this one :slight_smile:

Reviewing, Community Roles are batched under each Project, so there would be no confusion around which TSC’s one is being linked to.

+1 to not needing the Project Name in the Committee, unless there is another place where data is displayed where confusion could result from being on a TSC in 2 different Projects