Side benefits of having good metrics

Sometimes simply having data at your fingertips can be more helpful than you might think. I had a situation were an emergency call with a key contributor needed to be scheduled. Unfortunately that person couldn’t make the debugging meeting that was in progress and none of us knew where on earth they lived. They work for a massive multi-national company, so they could be anywhere. The assumption everyone had was that the contributor was located out here on the west coast.

I popped into Insights and took a look at the “Commits By Time zone” for that person and determined they were actually somewhere back east. Knowing that, we shifted the follow-up responsibility to community members on the east coast and the issue was already resolved by the time I got on-line in the morning. :slight_smile:



This is great @Kenny_Paul! We love hearing stories of how LFX is helping our community :smiley:

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