API to get contributor stats

We have an internal tool what fetches contributor stats of our corporate contributors and attributes them with some internal data. At the moment our tool gets the contributor stats by scraping the dashboard and downloading a csv file. Would it be possible to expose this data as a “normal” API?

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Hi @GergelyCsatari from my understanding an API has been on the roadmap for some time.

Our first 2 quarters have been focusing on adding additional features, user journeys, and making our data more impact focused, we are moving to a 30-60-90 priority setting for tooling updates.

And within our 30-60-90 stretch Insights will have a v2 update where we’ll not only show charts and metrics on contributions, but also display summaries and describe the impact of the metrics.

@GergelyCsatari Having dashboard APIs has been brought up in discussion, but as of now I don’t believe it’s been brought up in discussion as a current priority. Although we are more than happy on having an open discussion on this :slight_smile: .

@sgupta any comments here?

I’ve heard this from @tkuhrt as well, where @tkuhrt would use API connectors to automate community reports for a few contribution metrics. Is there an API for getting analytics? - Get LFX Tool Help / LFX Insights - LFX Community Forums

In my personal opinion I think this would be a great feature, but it may be some time until we release an API connector for our Insights charts, due to a few updates we have prioritized based off of previous feedback of our UI being hard to navigate and providing meaning to a few metrics.

@GergelyCsatari we’ll be creating an LFX Community Resource repo in GitHub for community connector code soon! Where we would share LFX resources such as, our LFX Security OSSF Scanner: LFX-Engineering/lfx-security-ossf-scanner: LFX Security OSSF Scanner (github.com) would you be willing to share your scraping tool with our community when it’s up?

This would be beneficial for many other communities!


Are the priorities of 30-60-90 (days?) public? It would be good to see the focus areas for the development team.
I do not see any reason not to share the scraper script we have. It was developed by one of our summer trainees as part of a dashboard to follow up our contributions to different communities. We might need to do a bit of work to organize the LFX Insight part to a module and maybe later to build some test automation around it. Notify me once the GitHub was set up.


Hi @GergelyCsatari perfect! Will do! I’ll be connecting with our team this week, and we’ll make the plans public!

The GitHub repo should be made by next week, I’ll be sure to connect with you and figure out how we as a community can share more helpful resources for the betterment of everyone :slight_smile: .

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An existing API?

@Armstrong_Enefe I do not know about any existing API in Insights. If there is any please share the API documentation.

@Armstrong_Enefe Happy birthday buddy! :partying_face:

Unfortunately there isn’t any existing API, besides the Security Criticality Scoring API: GitHub - LFX-Engineering/lfx-security-ossf-scanner: LFX Security OSSF Scanner

@GergelyCsatari, just an FYI regarding your scraper script, if you take a look at our latest post, LFX Q3 Updates - Content & Articles - LFX Community Forumswe’re coming out with an updated version of Insightsnext week.

This may impact your script, we still will have the csv’s available for download. You may simply have to update your source.


@Henry_Quaye thanks for the heads up. Can’t wait to see the new features on Friday.


Thanks man