Project Control Center Update Release Notes [v1.6.5]

Hello everyone!

Thank you for all of your feedback, and suggestions. We recently just updated Project Control Center, here’s what changed:


  • Email Forwarding - Migrated email forwarding management from operations to domains
  • Committees - Updated committee meeting statistics to follow the updated design
  • Mailing Lists - Updated page loading waterfall to show elements as soon as it’s available, providing a better UX.


  • General - dynamic URL links for easier identification for users who have multiple PCC tabs open
  • Committees - Added verification status on committee members to show if the member has a verified LFID or is pending email verification
  • Design updates- updated sidebar logo container and navigation

Bug Fixes:

  • Domains - Fixed domain transfer status refresh on code submission
  • Committees - Fixed bug where searching via email was case sensitive
  • Docker Hub - Fixed issue where admin users were not able to delete Docker Hub repositories
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