LFX Project Control Center v1.6.9 release notes

What’s Changed


  • Mailing Lists - Optimize the performance for loading mailing lists to use Redis caching
  • Mailing Lists - Added the ability to add a mailing list member to an associated committee from the mailing list members page
  • Meeting Management - Remove Role and Voting from meeting tables to avoid clutter
  • Committees - Updated search capabilities of committee members to include first name, last name, email, organization, and job title
  • Committees - Added the ability to sort committee member’s table
  • Committees - Added the ability to import committee members from ITX-connected mailing lists
  • Committees - Added the ability to export committee members to CSV
  • Committees - Added the ability to select a specific email address when adding a committee member
  • Committees - Added the ability to edit all fields of a committee member including email, job title, and organization
  • Committees - Added the ability to update additional information about a committee member including address, t-shirt size, and phone number
  • PCC - Added LaunchDarkly connection to allow targeted feature release management


  • EasyCLA - Added pagination to activity logs on the EasyCLA overview
  • PCC - Added animation to the sidebar navigation for better UX
  • Meeting Management - Moved committee and voting status filters to meeting details to avoid confusion and provide a better user experience
  • Meeting Management - Added confirmation modal if the committee or voting status has been changed to let the user know changes may change total participants invited

Bug Fixes:

  • Meeting Management - Fixed a bug where filtering by committee voting status was not reflected on the participant’s list