LFX Project Control Center v1.1.0 release notes

Hello everyone,

Today we have released a few updates to LFX Project Control Center, check them out:


  • Security - Added ability to assign repositories to a specific project


  • MISC - Cypress E2E Testing of various tools/features
  • MISC - Hide connect accordion when a user does not have permissions
  • MISC - Updated GitHub Actions to cancel in-progress jobs when a new job is started
  • Mailing List - Fix bug on validation message not displaying for v2_formation duplicate subgroups
  • Mailing List - Fix bug on subscribe button unable to click when there is a member that has no full name or email field
  • Mailing List - Added safeguard to ‘mod_status’ field when saving
  • Mailing List - Set the moderator checkbox as “checked” for mod_status = ‘owner’
  • Meeting Management - Error handling of partial creation user error when a user has already been invited
  • Meeting Management - Fix Add Yourself link during participant management bug
  • Committee - Ability to empty end date for members
  • Insights - Display Not Set Up message for a project that has not been onboarded
  • Insights - Updated note advising the user of changes needing up to two business days

Let us know if this update helps you! We are always taking feature requests from or users into consideration!

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