LFX Project Control Center v1.6.7 release notes

Hello everyone :wave:

LFX is growing and again thank you all for your feedback, we have been focused on enhancing our project administration management experience and we’re happy to announce that PCC has released version 1.6.7:

What’s Changed


  • Committee - Added functionality to allow users to select which email is used when adding a committee member. If no specific email is selected, the primary email from Individual Dashboard is selected
  • Mailing Lists - Added Redis caching to Mailing Lists endpoints that improve performance
  • Committees - Updated table to allow the user to click the member’s name to view and edit committee members to reduce clicks
  • Committees - Updated committee members table to allow users to set numbers of rows loaded per page
  • Committees - Added ability to manage committee mailing lists directly from the committee’s page
  • Meeting Management - Updated UI/UX for managing a meeting where the meeting details and participants are now on a single page


  • Meetings - Updated the way recurring and non-recurring meetings are stored to move us closer to flexible meeting schedules
  • Meetings - Removed voting status and role columns while managing participants of a meeting to avoid clutter on the table
  • Meetings - Added ability to set page size while managing participants to view individuals per page
  • Cloud Providers - Updated text describing AWS billing reflect that costs will be charged for the current month’s costs up to today.
  • PCC - Fixed a bug where searching for projects was showing archived projects while the archive toggle was turned off
  • Mailing Lists - Updated error handling when adding a new mailing list and it fails due to primary domain being a delegated domain

Bug Fixes:

  • PCC - Fixed a bug where our issue where our in-memory cache for the BFF was not working properly in production
  • Meetings - Fixed query for getting past meetings where recordings were not visible for past meetings
  • Meetings - Fixed recurring dropdown options on manage meeting with custom selection and you the user changes the start date
  • Mailing Lists - Fixed column separator alignment of the secondary subscribed email per user in the mailing list
  • Mailing Lists - Fixed a bug causing specific lists to not load due to a member missing user_id field
  • Project Details - Fixed description text UI overflowing into next element
  • EasyCLA - Fixed issue where grandchild projects are allowed to enroll in foundation CLA group