Project Control Center Update Release Notes

Hello everyone,

As we’re hitting the end of the month there have been a number of updates with LFX this week we have released a few updates to LFX Project Control Center, including a highly requested resend invite button from our community, check them out:

What’s Changed

New Features

  • Meetings - Added option to resend meeting invitation
  • Meetings - Added UTC suffix to recurring options


  • Committees - Added Appointed by value visible in table view
  • DataDog - Added user to RUM traces
  • Meetings - Updated meetings to hide or display host keys based on time
  • Projects - Added tooltips to file inputs
  • Generic - Added maintenance feature flag guard for all services

Bug Fixes

  • Mailing Lists - User is now able to change lists posting permission from custom to any other available option.
  • Committees - Added loading handler to avoid over pagination from the server