LFX Project Control Center April 20 Release Notes

Hi All:

PCC- What’s changed in this April 20 Release?. Four really great additions!

New Features

The following list provides you an overview of new features implemented in this release:

  • Insights - Insights now displays a status bar at the top of the page for activated services to indicate the service status. :grinning:

  • Security - Updated info text for a false-positive pattern to be more descriptive. :joy:

  • MISC - Updated DataDog logging to be in line with IT Services requirements. :raised_hand:

  • Setup - Updated field-level validation for new roles (admin, viewer, controller) to give better data management access. :sun_with_face:

Bug Fixes

The following list provides you the bug fixes that are applied in this release:

  • Security - Fixed issue where last scan time for failed scans was showing NaN values due to the API not returning the required key.

  • Meeting Management - Fixed a bug where the add yourself to meeting link was causing an issue by setting a host value.

  • Meeting Management - Fixed a DST bug where the user was seeing an incorrect time value for a meeting that was before a DST change.

  • Meeting Management - Fixed the recurrence dropdown to use dynamic weeks instead of static.


Thanks Jen! QQ on one item…

Can you elaborate a bit more on this one? I think I had run into a similar issue but wasn’t sure if this was the same thing.

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@John_Mertic - Further clarifcation ftrom the Support Team-
We currently don’t support the ability to designate a host to a meeting. Our UI was trying to set the user as the host when you click “Add yourself to meeting”. Because of this, there was an error when trying to add that user to the meeting.


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Got it @Jen_Shelby - that’s what I thought was the case. Thanks for clearing that up.

FWIW, it would be helpful to be able to designate a meeting host via PCC, else we are having to share host keys around which is cumbersome.