PCC Enhancement and Improvement Announcement

We’re excited to announce further enhancements and important fixes across our platform, aimed at enriching your experience and meeting your needs more effectively:

Meeting Management Improvements:

  • You can now include individuals who aren’t platform users in your meeting attendance records. This will give you the freedom to ensure comprehensive participation tracking across all of your meetings in PCC.
  • You can also add now committee members who are no longer part of the current committee to your meeting attendance records, keeping historical data accurate.
  • We furthermore added the ability to remove a participant from the meeting attendance record completely, offering more control over your meeting records.
  • We resolved an issue where meeting recordings were not visible to some authorized users.
  • We introduced the ability to view meeting responses, making it easier to schedule meetings, improving engagement and tracking of meeting outcomes.

PCC Health Metrics Improvements:

  • We added new tooltips on all Health Metrics pages explaining data points and their sources to provide clearer insights.
  • We added features including community sentiment analysis, meeting attendance tracking, and a loss reason chart within churn metrics for deeper insights into community health.

Surveys Updates:

  • We launched project-level surveys for more targeted feedback collection from your stakeholders and community members. Here you can find all current and past surveys that were sent to your project’s community, including the ones sent through Global Surveys.If you want to find out more about your project’s survey results from last quarter, please visit your project’s survey page under Collaboration → Surveys.
  • We also enabled bulk sending of reminders for project-level surveys, streamlining the process of encouraging participation.

Project Definition Updates:

  • Projects with a “Formation - Engaged” status can now access LFX Tools, broadening the toolkit available to more projects.
  • We updated the Twitter label to “X” to reflect the recent name change
  • Fixed an issue with long URLs to ensure they break properly, maintaining the layout integrity of the primary website URL.
  • Addressed the ability to accidentally blank out industry sector, technology sector, and technical activity type, ensuring vital project information is preserved.
  • Resolved an issue with adding a committee member without an associated organization, ensuring all members are properly accounted for.

Voting Feature Enhancements:

  • Added the flexibility to extend and cancel votes, providing more control over governance and decision-making processes.

We believe these enhancements will refine and streamline our current processes.
Your feedback is as always invaluable to us as we continuously strive to improve and optimize our toolset.

Best wishes,

Your PCC Team