LFX Project Control Center v1.1.3 Recording and Tran

Hello everyone,

We have pushed a release to production for PCC which includes Recording and Transcripts for Meeting Management.

New Features

  • Meeting Management - Ability to enable Recording and Transcripts for meetings
  • Meeting Management - View Recording and Transcripts for Past Meetings
  • Meeting Management - Ability to view and share the registration link for public meetings (find out more here
  • Security - Activity Logs for repositories showcasing various updates made to the security settings
  • Security - When all repositories within an organization are linked to projects other than the current one you’re viewing, links are provided to other projects directly within the table for better UX

Bug Fixes

  • AWS - Implemented ellipsis on long email text
  • Domains - Fixed bug relating to delegating DNS
  • Meeting Management - Various bug fixes relating to parsing and selecting meeting times
  • Meeting Management - Various fixes relating to selecting meeting hosts for committee members
  • Meeting Management - Various fixes relating to setting recurring invites for recurring meetings
  • Meeting Management - Set max custom recurrence of a meeting to 49
  • Meeting Management - Ability to create meetings with zero participants
  • Meeting Management - Hide Meeting Host column when managing participants until feature is ready (admins are still able to claim host using the host key available in PCC).
  • MISC - Fixed table pagination issue when deleting rows results in one less page - user will be navigated to the new last page/previous page
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Thanks for this update @Henry_Quaye - very helpful to see what’s new.

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No problem @mdolan, and welcome to the community :love_you_gesture:

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Welcome @mdolan :wave:t4: