My technical contributions are not visible on my individual profile

I was reading this post on the form and I really like the concept . I head on to my Individual dashboard , I have linked my Linkedin & GitHub profiles but then also it’s not showing my technical contribution stats . I have made this section public but then also it not showing me the stats .
May anyone here knows where the problem ?
My public profile: Individual Dashboard | The Linux Foundation

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Hello @Rishabh_Raghwendra, thank you for reaching out.

One thing to note with Individual Dashboard as it is now is, we only show contribution data from Linux Foundation hosted projects on GITHUB.

If you have contributed to any of the 500+ Linux Foundation hosted projects, your contributions should be relayed on your Individual Dashboard.

You can figure out if a project is hosted with the Linux Foundation here: Projects - Linux Foundation

If you have contributed to a Linux Foundation hosted project, connected your GitHub account and you are still not seeing any contribution information, please submit a support ticket with our support team as they may need to look a bit deeper into your LFX Individual Dashboard account.

Let me know if this could help! :slight_smile:
In later updates to Individual Dashboard, it may be valuable to make this message more clear. We are constantly working on ways to improve the user experience, so all of your feedback is greatly appreciated :wink:

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