Contributions not showing up in Org Dashboard

In my individual dashboard, I see contributions to OpenChain, SPDX and LFX. In our org dashboard, I can see myself as an employee for event attendance, but I don’t show up as a contributor, and these projects don’t show up as projects to which my org has contributed. So there’s a contrib->user mapping, and a user->org mapping, but I’m not seeing the transitive contrib->user->org mapping.

Am I missing something about what counts as org contributions?



Hey @Steve_Kilbane are you still seeing issues with this? I know we were making updates to our Organization Dashboard, big updates are coming soon.

If you’re still seeing issues with this, and you have not created a support ticket please fill out a support ticket here:

If you have created a ticket and have the ticket number, if you share the ticket number I can assist in getting some eyes on it.

Quick question, when you are contributing to these projects are you using your company domain email?