GitHub contributions not showing in my LF profile

My Github account is synced up with my LF profile but my contributioons aren’t showing up, I have tried almost everything but they wont show up. Any ideas why??

@Shivang_Shandilya Which repository have you contributed to that you are expecting to show up? Have you double checked if your email address is the same? (I’m not even sure if there has to be a match but that would be my first guess)

Yup my email address is correct and if you head on over to my GitHub Profile you can see I have contributed to many projects such as Layer5, Meshery, Keptn, Armada and many more but I can’t see them here. I have tried removing my GitHub account and then adding it again but nothing is working

Then I’m not sure either, sorry. ;-(
I’d file a bug report with the LFX team just in case they know more.