Feature request - I would like to use LFX insights to analyze external projects

Feature request - I would like to use LFX insights to analyze external projects. Occasionally, my job involves evaluating non-LF open source projects for integration with LF projects. This could end up as absorbing those external projects code into existing LF projects, moving the external projects into the LF, or other type of integration. Anyway, the journey always starts with analyzing the external project and the community for vitality, diversity and figuring out contribution trends. I am currently using offline tools like GitHub - brianwarner/facade: See who is actually doing the work in your projects , or online public scanners like https://cauldron.io. It would be nice to be able to run the LFX insight tools against these external projects so I can do an ‘apples-to-apples’ comparison with LF projects.

So my feature request would be to add external projects to LFX insights, maybe as part of some private view that will not create the mis-conception that these are LF projects.


Hi @Ranny_Haiby this would be great! So far I know Security has announced they would be providing access to non-LF projects as well, one thing to think about here is we will need contributors for these projects to create an LFID and associate their contributions in LFX Ind Dashboard for proper Organization contribution representation.

@sgupta what do you think about the possibilities here?

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Bumping it up as it is becoming a real pain for me. Could not find a related item in the LFX roadmap. I frequently do research report on the state of open source projects, both under LF and external and need a unified tool to compare them. I am using an external semi-commercial tool (cauldron.io) but the outcome is unprofessional.
To clarify, I need to be able to do “non-intrusive” scans of external projects, for which I have no “write” privileges, and view analysis of contributors, commits, lines of code, etc.

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Hi @Ranny_Haiby we completely understand.

We are aware of this pain point, and this is something that we do want to make happen.
Our apologies, we have had a few changes in the development team and we’re seeing the affect in the release of the product roadmap for a few tools.

@goubin would you happen to know when the roadmap for Security will be pushed out to product board? Under consideration - LFX Product Roadmap for Projects | Product Roadmap (productboard.com)