Membership Roles in Org Dashboard

PMOs have been instructed to use org dashboard to look up or add/remove membership roles. I noticed a few things:

  1. This morning I tried to add Carole Corley as a technical contact role for IBM’s LF Public Health membership. I entered the required and optional info but the +Role button at the bottom right (assuming that’s where I confirm the change) isn’t working. There is a red error message that says “please enter company email for the user”. Not sure what that means since the email I entered is this new contact’s company email. Screenshot attached below

  2. In Salesforce, when a membership role is to be replaced by a new one, we set the old one to inactive status and add the new one on the open opportunity. This has been how we updated membership roles for the last 2 years or so. I have noticed that the inactivated roles are still displayed as roles in org dashboard at least in two recent instances where we made the updates in Salesforce. For example, we replaced Liwei with Penny Pan for Automotive Intelligence Control of China’s ELISA membership (in Salesforce we set Liwei to inactivate status and added Penny Pan as the new billing contact). But in Org Dashboard both Liwei and Penny Pan are displayed as Billing Contact role. Another example, Cisco’s primary/voting contact was recently changed from Vijoy Panday to Maulie Dass, so in Salesforce Vijoy has been set to inactive status and Maulie is added and is now in active status. However, in Org Dashboard, both Vijoy and Maulie are displayed as Voting Contact role. See screenshot

These are two examples because we recently made the changes. But this makes me wonder if all inactivated roles in SFDC have been carried over and thus displayed Org Dashboard. Instead We need to filter out the inactivated roles and only display roles in active status in Org Dashboard.

  1. If we are to remove or x out a role in org dashboard, how is that data going to be reflected in SFDC? Is that role going to be just removed or set to inactivate status? I think there is some value to preserve the historical records in our CRM but probably less value to display on Org Dashboard

  2. I noted that we also got rid of the primary concept for the various membership roles. Up to the team to discuss, but I think there is some value to preserve that concept. For example, Cisco has several technical contacts for their LF Public Health memberships, but Ed Warnicke should be the PRIMARY technical contact since he is also Cisco’s TAC representative. Other examples could be a company has multiple marketing contacts but the PRIMARY marketing contact for a premier membership should be that company’s Marketing/Outreach Committee’s voting contact. Not critically important to bring this concept back in very near term, but I think it’s worth considering such use cases.

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Thank you @Min_Yu for the question. @Nadia_Shomali and @Mindy_White - can you reivew Min’s post and provide some guidance?


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Thank you for your feedback @Min_Yu . This feature is still under UAT. We will definitely report your feedback and fix it.

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@Nadia_Shomali is there a ticket we could track for this? I am trying to find one in CD but could not locate it. If not, I am happy to create one.