Organization Dashboard slightly confusing when editing membership roles

Hi, It might just be me, but I find the user interface in the Organization Dashboard slightly confusing when understanding how to edit membership roles, and also the workflow between PCC (Project Control Center) and the Organization Dashboard. It appears that one needs to edit in both areas in order to completely manage membership roles and related committees?

It seems like the correct process is to start with the PCC to update the users and committees, which then propagates to the Organization Dashboard under the Organization name → Projects → Project Overview → Committees. That is if, and only if, the committees are impacted by the member change. For example if it is a voting contact who has changed, likely it will impact membership on committees, but if it is a billing contact who has changed, likely not.

For all role changes, one must use the Organization Dashboard. The correct path is Organization → Teams → Projects. The documentation seems pretty good on that.

Have I got the workflow correct?

Where I find the user interface slightly confusing in the Organization Dashboard is that there are two areas for Project-specific information. One under Projects and one under Teams. @Chaitan showed me a mockup of a future iteration of the Organization Dashboard that looks like it improves things. But writing here in case others might find the same issue currently.


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Hello @Neal_Caidin and thanks for the input. One of the areas the team is working on across LFX are RBAC’s (role based access) - who should have access to what information in order to protect privacy and integrity of the data.

There are two use cases you described organization and projects.

Currently in v.1, of Org Dashboard, Organization admins can request changes when someone leaves the organization, and can add membership roles under Teams>Projects as you stated above.

The second use case are Projects and you are correct that project managers use PCC to add users to committees and assign roles.

Insights v.2 will include a Community Manager for internal use the should help integrate these activities so you don’t have to look in two places.

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