Error when adding a new voting contact in Org Dashboard

Hi team,

I get this weird error when trying to add a new voting contact in the org dashboard. See attached screenshot. Any idea how to resolve this?


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Thank you for reporting this @Kendall_Perez . This feature is under UAT and not fully released.
We will definitely report your feedback and fix it

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Great! In the meantime, do I just submit a ticket to the salesforce team to update the contact?


Yes, that would work.


I had the same error when I tried to add a marketing contact role via org dashboard.

What does the error message mean?

Is there an ETA when this will be fixed b/c we have a few in the queue?

@Kendall_Perez - Can you share the JIRA ticket number for this so we can track the staus given this is an issue for multiple people?


Hey Jen! I actually couldn’t figure out how to submit a ticket in Jira to the Salesforce team ( :grimacing:) so I pinged Berlynsea on Slack to help me get the person added.

@Jen_Shelby if you need me to submit this error to a different team, please let me know. I have only submitted the issue here.

Hello @Kendall_Perez and @PMO team:

There are two ways to submit SFDC Transisiton tickets and or bug and support questions… The new Support Site and Get Help button.

I. Support Site

  1. Click here for SFDC and Member Operations

  2. Choose the Member Support box:

  1. Once you are in the Member Support section choose one of the Request Types:
  • Common Requests
  • Membership
  • Marketing & PR
  • Technical Committees
  • Conference & Events

  1. Submit your question.

II. Get Help Button

  1. If you are working directly in one of the LFX tools you can click on the Get Help button at the top right. In this example we will use Organization Dashboard.

  2. This will take you to LFX Tools Support. Type in or select the LFX Support topic:

  • View one of the articles
  • Or, click on a Request Type and submit your request.

Keep your questions coming!


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