Member listing under Projects showing members that requested not to have logo on website


I noticed when looking at LFX, we have one member which has requested to not do a press release nor show it’s logo on the website. This tends to be driven by sensitivities with disclosing membership for one reason or another.

While I know the org dashboard and the link provided are not public, I think some context to the user about this would be helpful, as I could see the use case of “Hey, I didn’t see XYZ was a member, I should tweet about it!” which would likely cause some friction.

Hey @John_Mertic -

I think that this might get triggered in SFDC when a member joins a project. @Berlynsea - could you verify if this is true?


You are correct @Jen_Shelby that members during AutoJoin indicate whether or not to show the logo on the website or be part of a press announcement. This is more a question of that being reflected appropriately in the organizational dashboard, if that helps.

@Mindy_White and @Nirav_Patel.

Is it feasible to add this request into the other transisition items?