Logos (Managing Member Logos in the Org Dashboard)

Hello, in order for the PMO to support managing member logos, they need the ability to download the Logo from the org dashboard so they can upload it on the project sites for projects not using Logo services.

When in the Organization Profile > Edit, is it possible to add the Logo URL Link in the section where you can upload a logo? (Field lives in SFDC and the PM team needs access to the .svg file. Nirav and Shubhra were on a call yesterday with the PMO team and they mentioned that this is an easy fix. Can this be prioritized?

Thank you!!!

Great suggestion @Mindy_White. @Nirav_Patel and @Shubhra is this something we can get added in the near term? If so, we can get the word out to the teams by posting in the PMO private channel.

  • Jen