Show join/add to calendar link on 'My Calendar' in Individual Dashboard

It’s great that we list all the meetings one is on on the ‘My Calendar’ page in Individual Dashboard, but it would be even better if users could join a meeting from here or add it directly to their calendar. This would be a great way to secondarily get people to meetings if they are navigating calendar issues.

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Hi @John_Mertic great point, I can see this being very valuable for community members. Also, I think this would be an excellent way for community members to interact and leverage their open source profiles.

@Nadia_Shomali & @emsearcy any thoughts on this?

Two other things to add, as I saw some nice updates to this screen…

  1. Can we use the Common Project name vs the Legal Name; that will be a bit easier to follow. Maybe also combine the project and project logo columns?
  2. Project logos seems to be interminently showing, can you look in to that?


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Hi @John_Mertic thank you for the feedback!

The LFX Team has been asking for the community’s feedback and I agree and I’ve communicated this with them. Hopefully, we will see this in our roadmap in the next coming weeks.

But I’ll keep you updated :slight_smile:

Awesome - much appreciated @Henry_Quaye !

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