Getting Error when trying to update member logo

Hi! Wondering if anyone knew why I am getting this error when trying to update a member logo in the org dashboard?

Screen Shot 2022-07-26 at 4.17.42 PM

@Nirav_Patel mentioned in Slack that this is a bug.

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Hi @Kendall_Perez, this does look like a bug have you created a support ticket for this?

You can do this by clicking the get help button on the top right here:

Or using this link: LFX Support - Service project (

I believe we’re seeing most of these bugs appear due to the updates we are doing on our backend data structure.

The updates on the backend should resolve many of these bugs on refreshing data.

Thanks @Henry_Quaye! I talked to @Nirav_Patel on Slack so I assumed I didn’t need to report it as well, but I am happy to if thats the path I should take. Please just let me know.

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@Kendall_Perez I just checked with @HeatherWillson there’s a ticket already up for this and our support team is working on it, my apologies you do not need to create a ticket for this :slight_smile: . But thank you for letting us know!


Hello @Kendall_Perez and @Henry_Quaye This issue with updating an organization’s logo (and other info) should be resolved. @Kendall_Perez Can you please try again and let us know if you see any further issues? Thanks!