Meeting Management in Relation to Mailing Lists and Committees

I would like to schedule an upcoming Hyperledger Marketing Committee meeting using PCC Meeting Management.

I have linked the mailing list to the Hyperledger | Marketing Committee committee. I would like all subscribers (280+) of the mailing list to receive the meeting invite and zoom details; however, it seems the meeting management tool only pulls up the 9 voting reps of the committee. I have a few questions:

  1. How do we make sure the meeting invite gets sent to all current 280+ subscribers of the mailing list? Marketing Committee rarely has to vote on anything, we tag the voting members on Marketing Committee to comply withe the charter requirement. This committee is really about participation and engagement. So it’s important that we make sure when we schedule a meeting, the invite/zoom details is sent to all subscribers.

  2. Hyperledger membership changes all the time, with new members joining and existing members cancelling and marketing contacts changes all the time. Currently, allows admins to add and remove subscribers from restricted lists such as the Marketing Committee mailing list. We turn on the “send invite upon join” on calendar in and set up event “reminders” so that scheduled meeting invites are always sent to the new and current group subscribers. How does that work in PCC Meeting Management?

  3. Is the PCC Meeting Management also to be used for open technical community meetings as well? If so, it’s confusing that we’re sending the meeting invite to “Committee Members” and that we are limited to select groups tagged as type of “Committee”. Would “group members” be more encompassing? And then in the “Select Committee” drop down, users should be presented with all the groups that have been established for the project to select from to schedule the meeting for.

Adding @Daniela_Barbosa for visibility since Hyperledger is eager to try Meeting Management but seeing some challenges.



Hi @Min_Yu and @Daniela_Barbosa,

Currently, we can include committees and invite individual members to meetings using project control center.

As is there is no functionality to include mailing lists as invitees for meetings but we can include the members individually.

Also regarding your third point, I believe including group members would serve very useful for larger groups that are not connected to a committee.

This would definitely be something we should include in the Feedback for next iteration of committee/project user management - #13 by emsearcy discussion.

You can use meeting management to invite any member of your community as long as they have an LFID.

@emsearcy, or @ProdMgrs do you know if there is any current workaround for inviting 280+ members associated to a mailing list using meeting management?

There was a mandate for us NOT to use mailing lists as a “group” for meeting invites – this is a larger story, but basically mailing lists don’t have metadata to understand what people’s engagement/role is, which is what committees are for, and we allow committees to sync/push into groups—so capturing any “official” grouping of community members is recommended to be done on a committee. For instance, not just for boards and TSCs, but also for projects that maintain an official list of maintainers/committers—there should be a committee for that, not just a mailing list.

That said … I’m assuming this might be a public, open mailing list for community members (anyone can join?), and that the meetings are also therefore open? Assuming so, instead of thinking of inviting every self-subscribed member of the list as a de-facto meeting participant, you can share, with your mailing list, a URL that the community can use to self-register for the meeting. Currently you can grab this URL out of the text of any emailed meeting invite, but we are also adding a pop-up in PCC (which I suspect will release in the next 1 to 2 weeks) to share the URL with the PCC admin so you can easily copy it and share it to the community. (Public community-facing calendars of all public project meetings is on the roadmap, too.)

There are two significant differences between sharing the self-registration URL, and directly adding every list member as a participant. The first is attendance statistics - if you add every list member as a participant, they’ll also affect participation stats as “no shows”. With the URL, only those that opt-in to register for the meeting will affect “no show” stats. Second, is how many emails they get. Registered participants will get an email every time the time changes, for example, and (in the future) can have meeting reminders sent to them en masse using PCC. Using the self-registration URLs cuts down on “spam” for any members of the broader community – they’ll only get automated meeting-related emails if they self-subscribed to the meeting.

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I believe you got the wrong person mentioned in this thread.

My apologies @Daniel_Lazaro, I edited my @ you can disregard the thread. Thank you

It would be helpful to have a documentation that describes the meeting invitee journey/flow that cover elements such as: notifications, LFID requirement/flow, meeting registration process, adding meeting to their calendar, what to expect if the event changes/cancels and what-if scenarios and how to get support. Or maybe this is available? if so, could you please point me to the documentation?

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@Min_Yu good suggestion and I agree, over the next few weeks our focus in the community will be centered on more in-depth user journeys.

And access our LFX documentation from the community under ‘Resources’: LFX Toolkit - Linux Foundation Documentation

In our documentation, you can find the meeting registration process here: Meeting Management

And LFID affiliation process here: You can find documentation on LFID flow here: Individual Dashboard (MyProfile) - Linux Foundation Documentation

You can access support, for reported bugs/issues on the top right of every LFX Tool:

The community forum, is best for what-if scenarios, as we want to hear from our users so our product dev team can best optimize the tooling for our user’s use cases.

For instance… this is great feedback I can relay to our product dev and documentation team.

Would you prefer a quick demo video or more documentation on meeting managements user journer?

Thanks @Henry_Quaye ! Yes, I have looked at those documentations. Those are from PCC admin/user perspective.

However, I am specifically asking for documentations for what a meeting INVITEE’s journey would be like (email notifications they will get, LFID signup process, meeting registration process, how to add meeting invite to their calendar, what happens if the meeting is changed or cancelled, different process for those who are direct invites vs registering with a shared link as Eric was saying). So that we know what to expect and can help field questions if our members or communities have questions. The risk is much higher when we don’t know the journey/process from the meeting invitee’s perspective and thus unable to help our members and communities.


Definitely understand the need for this @Min_Yu I will be meeting with our documentation team to sync on this tomorrow morning.