New! –Meeting Managment feature in PCC: How to share a public invitation link for meetings

Greetings Project Leaders:

Many of you are becoming familiar with PCC tools, and we’ve received several questions specifically on managing committees and meetings. A frequently asked question is:

What is the best way for project administrators to share a public invitation link for meetings through PCC?

PCC is adding Sharing a Meeting feature this week and here’s a quick walk through for how to generate a link that can be shared for public attendees.

  1. Start here on the PCC dashboard. Scroll down the page to the IT Services Status and click on Meeting Management.

  1. Under Meetings, you will find a new drop-down window. Choose "Share Meeting"


  1. When you click on Share Meeting, the dialog box displays the meeting link that can be shared. Sharing this link will allow individual participants to self-register.

When the recipient of this link click on meeting, they will be prompted to complete their registration and the meeting organizer will be able to view each meeting participant.

  1. One thing to note– when an invitee receives the invitation, they will see this message at the bottom of the invitation, asking them to use the generated link and not forward the email. Doing so will have this attendee show up twice.

This is an exciting new feature! Thanks.

I tested it with a committee on one of my projects and the requirement to create an LFID is a show stopper. One committee member already has an LFID but couldn’t remember her password and panicked, so I gave her my link and she logged in as me. There were two of me on the call ;-).

The request would be to remove the requirement to create an LFID when using a public invitation. Would that be possible?


Hello @Neal_Caidin maybe an email can be sent out a day or 2 before meetings to members letting them know we are now using LFX Project Control Center to manage meetings and in the email you could remind members to have their LFID set up.

In the email, if members don’t have an LFID or don’t know about you can point them to our post on how and why you should create one: How to create your LFID to gain access to LFX Tools, and LF Events or Training & Certification courses - Content & Articles / News & Announcements - LFX Community Forums

Would asking committee members to create or login to their LFID accounts prior be too much of a requirement?

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Hi Henry,

Based on feedback I’m hearing from the community, yes that is too much of a requirement. We want the barrier of entry for open meetings to be as low as possible. We can do this with our existing Zoom account (which we are trying not to use :wink: ).



Great addition! I do see your point @Neal_Caidin on the challenges with someone who might be trying to get into a meeting quickly that the flow of creating an LFID and then registering can be a bit of work to do quickly. @Henry_Quaye is spot on that getting your community members in general to have LFID accounts is one part of the solution, but I’m wondering if another could be a fast path where one could click that registration link and if they have an LFID they would just go to the meeting and not need to register for it.


Another thing I’d like to see here - a public iCal calendar for all public meetings for a given project, or for all subprojects in an umbrella. I’d just focus on an iCal feed for now, as that is easily embeddable into websites.

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Great point @John_Mertic this is an interesting solution, it would make things simpler.

I know a community calendar is on the road map for Individual Dashboard and I believe Insights. I think having meetings sync with user’s LFID Individual Dashboard will help with quickly joining meetings. It would be great if once a user registers with their LFID all of their meetings appear on their Individual Dashboard account and they can join the meeting with a single click once logged in.

@Neal_Caidin & @John_Mertic a workaround for users who do not want to register using an LFID account may be to live stream the meeting. You can use the host code on Project Control Center, and configure the live stream settings on zoom and your preferred streaming platform to share with members of your community. Have you tried this option @Neal_Caidin ?

Hi @Henry_Quaye . Oh, that is interesting. we have not tried live streaming. Would they be able to participate or only watch with live streaming?

Also, is there documentation with screenshots on the user experience? I only have my experience and what my users tell me so far.

I have another project I am trying to “sell” on the LFX Meeting tool and the Executive Director says that a public URL that does not require an LFID is important, just like the other project is saying.

@John_Mertic - do you think that the way the Meeting Management tool is working is sufficient for open meetings? Maybe we can touch base at some point so I can understand better.

@emsearcy - See Neal’s note above. Do you have access to screenshots/ or documentation on live streaming? It would be useful to create a post for this as it could be an alternative for those who aren’t open to requiring LFID’s.

I think we are getting there for sure. I want to do a trial run with a newer project I’m setting up and see how it goes. I can share experiences once that happens.

@Henry_Quaye Live streaming is a good angle; what would make it helpful is to have the live stream link created at the time the meeting is, so we could embed in calendar invites and such. I do like that functionality as it could really help us feel comfortable in advertising public meetings more ( without fears of Zoom bombing and the like ).

Neal - please schedule a meeting with me so I can help you with your community in terms of logging into the meeting. Maybe we can call some of the concerned community members together. I have been using it with The Linux Foundation board and the LIKE the fact that you log into the meeting in order to provide for more security. Also, there is a streaming option as well. Again, happy to come to your next meeting and explain it. Good job in rolling it out.

John, please come to the 11:00 meeting this coming Thursday to go through these features. Also, I am available to join any of your community meetings to introduce these tools. I have been working with many community members who love the access to meeting transcripts and videos and the additional security this provides. They also love to see attendance trends and don’t mind at all logging into the meeting (they had to do that to use Zoom too). :slight_smile:

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Hey @Jim_Zemlin appreciate the offer, and have no doubt the end-state of the tools is something our communities will love.

I’d like to think more in terms of use cases as we approach a discussion like the one you referenced. I’ll try to get some bullet points together which can help. Let me know if that would be helpful for the group.