Mailing List Bugs?

I understand we’re meant to manage mailing lists exclusively through PCC now, and not However I have run into a couple of blocking issues attempting to work from this direction:

  1. In the ‘Mailing Lists’ section of PCC, I have clicked into a mailing list (say, “marketing@myproject”) to add a new member to a mailing list. I click “Add New List Member”, fill out the information (some of which already pops up, because yay, we already have their info!) and then click save. The info shows up immediately on PCC, yay, it appears to work. The next day I come back to the same list to add someone else to the list. The person I added the previous day is not there, and they are also not on the ‘Members’ list in, so I am confident that they did not get added to the list and would not have received any group messages.
  2. Again in the mailing lists section, I now want to make a new mailing list for my project. I click “Add Mailing List” and fill out the information. It shows up automatically in PCC, and automatically includes the bot user accounts. This newly made list does not show up yet in, and because of the issue I pointed out in #1, I am not confident that adding new list members will work as implicated.

I understand we do not have two-way sync set up between these systems, but the PCC configuration seems to indicate that what I am attempting in my above use cases should work. Can you advise?


Hi Jory,

Yes, both of those use cases should absolutely work. Can you provide some more specific details so we can dig in and see what happened? For 1. we would need the email of the user(s) and the list. For two let us know the list and the project.

Feel free to submit a support ticket at SAML POST Binding in progress... with the relevant details if you do not want to post them here.


Hi @jme, along these lines, do you know if there’s anywhere to go to see what’s supported in production today with regards to PCC <-> sync? For example what syncs, what doesn’t, and how often they run?

Hi Brian,

The connection to is generally synchronous, that is what PCC shows is what is actually in right now, with the exception of additional committee data we add on top.

The cases where there we do a sync is for committee related changes, including the following:

  1. If a user is added to a committee we will add them to the mailing list. They may already be subscribed to the mailing list under a different email address but we will attempt to subscribe them with the address in the committee.
  2. If a user is removed from a committee, and that committee is connected to a private list, we will remove the user from the list (again, we will only remove a user whose email address matches what is in the committee. They may be signed up with a different email address, and that one won’t be touched).
  3. If a committee is unassociated with a list, and the list is private, we will unsubscribe committee members from the list.
  4. If the committee a list is associated with changes, we will subscribe users from the new committee. If the list is private, we will also unsubscribe users from the old committee.
  5. If a committee is associated with a list (and there was no other committee associated before), we do not subscribe users. This was an intentional UX decision to not subscribe users while some committees were a bit out of date. We’ll likely change this to subscribe users.
  6. If a committee is associated with a list when the list is created, we do subscribe everyone on the committee to the list.

All of the above can take a few seconds (particularly adding/removing/changing committees), but should be done fairly quickly within the timeframe of the action being taken.

Thank you for this information @jme.

@Jory_Burson just want to follow up here, were you able to get this figured it out?