Questions about Committees in PCC

So one of my projects (Magma) has a TSC mailing list and a TSC voting mailing list so how do I organize this in PCC? Should both of the committees just have the voting members?

Another question - if I remove someone from the committee in PCC, will it remove them from the mailing list?


Hi @Kendall_Perez :wave:, I’m sorry for my delayed response. I hope I’m not too late on getting back to you regarding this!

This is a great question. Typically a public TSC mailing list will be comprised of community members to stay up to date on the direction of the technology.

Essentially we would want to ensure we are only defining formal committee members which we can find in most project’s project charter.

This does not mean committee members are the only ones allowed to join TSC meetings or mailing lists

For Magma their project charter states that they have 5 official TSC members, you would just add those 5 members as the TSC for magma and not the 92. The 92 came from the initial mailing list sync. The charter also speaks on how the mailing list is open to their community.
Governance/ at main · magma/Governance (

And here’s the list of the 5 official voting members:
Magma TSC Members · magma/Governance Wiki (

The reason we are defining the committee members in PCC over having it solely updated on a charter in a source control file is because of the streamlined benefits of defining committees in PCC. Which you can read more about here:

Also, the committees defined in PCC are represented in LFX Organization and Individual Dashboard, and although we are all so very humble here :blush: I think everyone can appreciate recognition for their work in open source communities. Great way to keep track of your open source ‘online resume’ Technical and non technical :wink:

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Thank you, Henry! So I know these came from, so how should I deal with this on PCC? Do I just delete all the extra people in PCC? Or will that remove them from the mailing list (I dont want that)?

Sorry, if my questions don’t make sense. Trying to understand how to set the committees correctly in PCC without messing anything up on the actual mailing lists.

The expectation is that you’d delete the “duplicate” committee (the one with all the extra people; keep the smaller one). There is only 1 TSC committee, not 2.

Our recommendation is that only after folks have completed the committee cleanup (removed the duplicate committee and made sure it’s got the correct people on it – here is an earlier video sent to staff in mid October) should you then associate the single “TSC committee” with both TSC mailing lists (I believe there is a playbook on the community forum showing this, and the “initial reconciliation” process).

As to whether or not folks will get removed from the list: first, if you have not yet configured the mailing lists to have a linked committee (by editing the mailing list), then you don’t need to worry about folks getting removed from it when you remove members from the committee, because they aren’t even linked yet. :slight_smile:

If they are linked: the safest thing to do is still just to delete the “larger committee”. Don’t edit the mailing list to unlink them; just delete it. When you delete a committee which is linked, it will remove the committee/list association without removing any subscribers from the mailing list. After you do that, I’d suggest waiting about a minute, then go to the larger (public) TSC mailing list and edit it an select the (remaining, smaller) TSC committee to link, and then you can do the initial reconciliation process (ensures that all of the “official” TSC members are on the public list … everybody else is just a mailing list participant; they aren’t committee members of the TSC).

Okay, thank you! I will try this out today.


Thanks for the further clarification here @emsearcy!