Let member join a committee/self join a meeting


I’m starting up a new group, and trying to use the LFX meeting management to setup meetings. A few questions:

  1. Can someone join a committee without my intervention? Can we mass import a group of individuals?
  2. If they are added, will they be added to the related mailing list and be sent the meeting invites?
  3. Can someone get access to the meeting invite and not join the committee?


Hey John great questions.

Yes, If a committee is associated with a mailing list, once a member is added they will also automatically be added to the committees mailing lists.

If a member is removed from a committee they will also be removed from the private mailing lists associated with that committee.

Yes. If there is a person that you want to give access to all or most meetings associated with the committee but this person is not an official member of the committee, if the voting status is enabled for the committee, you can add the member as an ‘observer’ and include observers to the meeting invite.

Hello John, I believe this is something not yet available, but I believe our product managers are aware of this request. @emsearcy Is there any other additional information regarding John’s questions here?

Thanks Henry!

Basically - the primary source of truth is PCC vs the mailing list, and adding people to a mailing list is a manual task for the project admin - is that accurate?

My pleasure John!

I would say this is partially accurate, there’s a manual process that allows for some automation.

Once you have a committee added to a mailing list, if you add another member to that committee they would be automatically included in mailing lists associated with the committee.

So if a committee is associated with say… 5 mailing lists. Once you add a member to that committee they will be automatically included in those 5 mailing lists.

A mailing list can also include members that are not a part of a committee and that would be more of a manual process.

Does this help?

I have a video in the pipeline describing the relationship between committees and mailing lists and how to properly configure your committees based on project charters and voting roles. That should help establish a strong foundation of how we should be configuring our committees per project and sub-project to allow automation.

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