LFX Project Control Center v1.1.1 Release Notes

What’s Changed:


  • Meeting Management - Fixed calendar view to show proper events on correct days
  • Meeting Management - Fixed recurring meetings for weekdays
  • Meeting Management - Fixed recurring dropdown selection when clicking back from the participant’s page
  • Meeting Management - Fixed selecting committee member as host
  • Meeting Management - Removed duplicate values in calendar view
  • Committee - Fixed committee member table when there is no company data or bad data for a user
  • Setup - Disable personnel edit option for lf-legal role


  • Insights - GitHub URLs in the table are now clickable
  • Insights - Fix Tooltip hover issue on Windows PC’s
  • Insights - Show info message on Twitter and Earned Media regarding changes made
  • Insights - Error handling update to let the user know when service is in maintenance mode
  • Meeting Management - Fix searching for meetings by trimming input ends
  • Meeting Management - When time selected, move onto next input to allow making time input clickable again
  • Meeting Management - Handled adding duplicate participants
  • Meeting Management - Refactored committee and invited participants
  • Committees - Clicking on manage committee during committee creation opens in a new tab
  • Source Control - Fixed documentation link for adding organizations
  • Project Details - Fixed bug for inconsistent project and project service statuses
  • Security - Fixed repository/vulnerability search

E2E Tests

  • CLA - GitHub - Add repo URL validation test
  • Mailing Lists - Added initial E2E Tests
  • Project Details - Added initial E2E Tests
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