LFX Maintainer Badges FAQ

Introducing Maintainer Badge LFX Support!

Maintainers are the maestros of an open source opera. We all understand the work of an open source maintainer is critical to the success of our open source projects. When issues are not solved, they resolve them. When code isn’t reviewed they’ll review it.

It is only fitting for our maintainers to be recognized and appreciated. In light of this LFX is now incorporating maintainer Credly badge support on Individual Dashboard.

So how will this work?

For our maintainers, the process is simple :).

Step 1: Access your LFX profile

Head to Individual Dashboard via: http://openprofile.dev/ and sign in using your LF Account.

Step 2: Connect your GitHub identity to your LFX Profile

Maintainer Badges will be verified through your GitHub identities, so ensure your GitHub identities are connected to your LFX Profile by heading to ‘Connected Accounts’ under ‘Settings’ in the left-hand navigation and selecting ‘Connect’ under GitHub.

Note if you have already connected your GitHub identities you may skip this step.

Step 3: Congratulations! Enjoy your badge

Congratulations, that’s all! We will now verify that you are a maintainer by cross-checking your project’s maintainer documentation on the back end. Please allow up to 7 days for our maintainer badge validation process.

Note: LFX performs a lookup on your GitHub account identity email address and our database against the community document of your maintainer list to validate if this user is a maintainer.

  • This lookup is validated using your GitHub account email address. This does not have to be the same email address associated with your LFID account.